Alu-Line rear rack system

Our rear rack system was designed specifically for the proper and safe storage of packaged goods in rear garages and stowage spaces of motorhomes.

Heckregalsystem Wohnmobil Heckgarage Alu-Line

It offers fixtures for transport containers, cable drums, leisure equipment and the safe transport of up to two bicycles.

Folding rack baskets ensure good accessibility when loading the vehicle.

By using aluminium material, the system contributes minimal weight of its own and thus guarantees an optimal load capacity.

The modular system allows for the combination of different segments and, as a result, can be adjusted to the custom needs of motorhome users.

One condition for installing the Eurocarry rack system in the garage is the suitability of the walls as screw connection points. It is recommended that you consult a specialist for advice when making a decision to purchase and during installation.


In the following sections, we want to give you a quick overview of products developed in close collaboration with our customers.


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