CNC milling and lathing

CNC milling and lathing by Alu-Line

Our CNC technology enables 3 to 5-axis milling of profiles or asymmetric and axially symmetric components made of aluminium. Small parts and profiles with a length of up to 6000 mm can be machined at our facility on horizontal and vertical machining centres.

Our CNC millers have decades of experience in machining aluminium. They know exactly which tools, cutting speeds and coolants are optimum for machining your components to achieve the greatest precision and surface quality.

Manufacturing options

  • Milling aluminium profiles and profile sections
  • Machining aluminium sheets and cast parts
  • Lathing capacity of up to 65 mm bar


  • Machining centres, 5-axis, CNC-controlled travel path up to 6100 mm
  • CNC lathes
  • PLC-controlled jig boring machines





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