Vibratory finishing and sandblasting

We provide you with high-performance, sophisticated solutions for deburring in drill holes and drill-hole intersections, for rounding edges and for improving the quality of level, curved and rounded surfaces. The optimum process and the corresponding tools are defined based on the material, burr qualities and drawing tolerances. The following process variants are used at our facility:

Sandstrahlen bei Alu-Line

Vibratory finishing:
By means of vibratory finishing it is possible to perform work such as deburring, edge rounding, grinding, smoothing, polishing, degreasing, descaling, matting and compressing.

Brush deburring with metallic edging, deburring by milling, deburring with special tools. Our expertise allows us to determine the best possible procedure or combination of procedures as well as the most efficient process for your small, medium and large production series. If necessary, trial machining is also available.

Our sandblasting cabinet can be used to prepare smaller workpieces for additional surface treatment or to add visual flair to the surface of a workpiece.



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