Arbor presses

Drehdornpresse Alu-Line

Using arbor presses:

Arbor presses are suitable for pressing on bearings, sockets, pins, sleeves and are suitable for easy bending, punching or assembly operations using corresponding tools. Radial drill presses must be fastened to a secure work table or a lower base before start-up. For sizes 3A and 3B, a matching lower base is available in the product range as an accessory!

Working with arbor presses:

When working on long cylindrical workpieces, e.g. when pressing bearings in place, the slotted disk of the work table must be adjusted to the respective workpiece diameter by selecting the appropriate slot width. When working on flat workpieces, the slotted disk is to be rotated so that a worktop is created beneath the ram. For sizes 0, 1, 2 and 3A, the ram is to be brought to the working height by turning the lever. An ergonomically ideal placement of the hand lever can be achieved by placing spacing plates or rings underneath. For size 3B, the hand lever can be adjusted using the latch mechanism. To do so, the handwheel is rotated to bring the ram into the correct position. From this position, you can work with the hand lever by using the indexing bolt.

Safety instructions:

Secure workpieces against tipping using suitable equipment! Watch out for falling parts when pressing, wear safety shoes, Caution: do not reach into the teeth of the ram. Crushing hazard between ram and workpiece. Do not use an extension pipe on the lever! Risk of breakage!


Arbor presses are to be lubricated regularly with lubricating oil on the existing oil nipples, depending on the work load. Spindles and levers are to be protected against corrosion and contamination during long downtimes!

Drehdornpresse Alu-Line
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