Roof and rear ladders

Heckleiter Alu-Line Caravan Wohnmobil

As soon as a railing takes on a practical function on a vehicle roof instead of a purely visual one, the customer needs a rear ladder for safe loading and unloading from the roof rack.

This is where you can make use of our stylish rear ladders, which are adjusted to the vehicle contour and feature convenient installation, longevity and stability.

The spectrum of ladders includes fixed ladders with all conceivable bar diameters, as well as folding and extension ladders.

We also have technical solutions on hand for combining the rear ladder and roof rack to create a cohesive visual unit.

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Including technical details and drawings in this form makes it much easier for us to create quotations.Projected annual quantities, lot sizes and the desired type of logistic handling are also factors we find important for calculation.



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